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Measuring for the proper ostomy belt size

In order to assure proper fit the wearer should measure around the torso at the level of the stoma while lying on your back on a flat surface.

Sketch of man lying on his back with a measuring tape around his waist

Ostomy belt sizing chart

Measuring for the pull through opening

In order to determine the size opening needed for a two piece pouch it is necessary to measure the diameter of the flange on the wafer. This is the ring that the pouch snaps on to. The belt openings for all of the stoma support systems are 2 3/8″ round or 2 3/4″ round and for larger pouch systems or for larger and wider ostomy pouches there is now available the new oval opening of 3½” wide and 2 ¾” high. 

Sketch of a measuring tape on top of the flange on the wafer of a stoma support system


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