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An Ostomate does what needs to be done!                                  Len Millman, founder of Celebration Ostomy Support Belt, standing in a blue suit

Len Millman developed The Celebration® Ostomy Support Belt.

Len had lived with ulcerative colitis since he was fourteen years old. In his late forties his situation worsened and he received a colostomy. At the time Len was a registered pharmacist living in Las Vegas. He was aware of the products available to him as an ostomate. He was active in golf and tennis and was living as a bachelor in one of the playgrounds of the world. He knew he had to create a belt that would allow him the freedom to enjoy his active life style. He developed the concept for the Celebration® Belt fairly rapidly. He knew what he wanted the belt to do for him and he quickly came up with a viable design.

He wanted to stop the pendulum action of the ostomy bag, and secure the wafer against his stoma, making it virtually leak proof. He wanted to protect the stoma from trauma and be able to conceal his appliance.

The Celebration® belt was appropriately engineered and produced and was granted a patent for its unique features not available in any other ostomy device.

We know this is an excellent product and are proud to bring it to the ostomy community. It is a tribute to Len that we can move this forward and make it available to all ostomates. This belt is appropriate for any ostomate who wishes to enjoy an active life style, whether it be sports or simply getting around the house and taking walks and being unafraid to move about.

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